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Wildcats Win!

Last night was the battle of Wickliffe (which of course took place in Mentor/Concord). The heavily favored Mater Dei Knights team was facing St. John Vianney Wildcats in an epic do-or-die battle. The Wildcats went down 6-0 early, but battled back for to tie the score 10-10 before halftime. Final score - Wildcats 14 - Knights 10.

In all seriousness, the third graders are having a lot of fun and getting better every week. We have 12 kids on our team, which is a real challenge given there are only 24 minutes in the game. But, the other coaches and myself have been trying to keep the kids on the bench engaged and cheering. When that final buzzer sounded last night, the whole team went nuts. It's a moment with my son that I'll always remember.

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