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Ohio Ed Choice Expansion & Lake County Family Law Ramifications

Back to school this week for the Ebner kids - and with it comes a huge change in budgeting for Catholic and private schools. Over the summer, the Ohio Legislature included in its budget a vast change in the voucher system - essentially basing it on income size instead of home school district. I'm not here to argue about the politics of this, but I am a lot more interested in what ramifications this might have on family law cases here in Lake County.

It's been my experience, both as as a Guardian ad Litem and as a private attorney for parents, that private or catholic schools are only ordered when one parent agrees to pay for the whole thing, or the parties agree to split the costs. One parent saying they can't afford it tends to end the inquiry. But, what if every parent could afford it? This is too fresh to have any examples yet, but I am interested to see how this plays out in Lake County Juvenile and DR Court for the next few years.

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