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March Madness - Five Point Play

This week brings the start of March madness! When I was a kid, it seemed like every kid in Euclid, Ohio, was a fan of either Duke or North Carolina. Battle lines were drawn like we were from Tobacco Road instead of Northeast Ohio. I was team Duke all the way! In 2001, when I was a senior at Lake Catholic in Mentor, Duke won its third National Championship. That was one of my favorite teams of all time (probably second only to the 2016 Cavs). For this week's book recommendation I discussed Five Point Play - Coach K's book about that 2001 team. It's a great book not only because it is about one of my favorite teams, but it also lays out a philosophy on basketball that I think applies just as well to kindergartners as it does to college all Americans.

Basketball is a beautiful sport because it truly requires 5 people working together to succeed. Although each individual player make have his/her own strengths, like the five fingers on a hand, they're not strong unless they come together as a fist.

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