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First Swim Championships

My first ever swim season is over, culminating in the Suburban Swim League championships last weekend. Teams from Euclid, Willoughby, Mentor, South Euclid, Wickliffe, and Willowick, battled it out over the weekend. Both of my sons worked very hard and did a great job. My older son Will is in lane 6 in this relay and you can see him catch up to some kids he was way behind.

If I am totally honest with myself, they have a lot better chance of being great swimmers than anything else, with the coaching Jesse can provide. For those of you who don't know, my wife won the state championship in high school and went on a full ride to Villanova for swimming. They had a great time and showed a lot of promise. Will won most outstanding swimmer on his team, and Patrick showed so much improvement and is determined to win the award next year. Most importantly, they had a great time! See you next summer.

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