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Divorce vs. Dissolution: What do you need to know?

Ohio law provides two distinct but similar methods for legally ending your marriage. Dissolution is a much more collaborative process than divorce. Essentially, you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse come to a global settlement BEFORE you file with the Court. The Court will then incorporate your agreements into a Judgment Entry, and hold a brief, five minute hearing to end your marriage. This hearing is usually scheduled about a month after you file. This cost is considerably cheaper than a divorce - especially when considering attorney fees.

As much as I prefer trying to guide my clients toward Dissolution, there's no way around it: Sometimes divorce is just necessary. You cannot force an uncooperative party into a dissolution - it must be collaborative. Sometimes, there are more pressing matters that don't allow you to wait around and try to negotiate - you may need court intervention immediately. Divorce is more expensive and much more time consuming.

Please contact me today with any additional questions you might have. I offer free consultations and am always happy to talk!

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