Divorce is no one's first choice, but sometimes it is the best option for you and your family. I have years of experience guiding people through divorce litigation, and the knowledge and expertise to make sure your rights are protected.

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There is no single issue more important that making sure you have court-ordered custody and visitation rights to see your children. Also, proper documents can assure that you have a voice in major decisions like education and healthcare. I have helped many single parents with comprehensive plans and carefully drafted legal documents and arguments. 

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Dissolution ends a marriage the same basic way a divorce does, but in a much more collaborative manner. Working together can save everyone lots of time and money. In many cases this is the best option, and can save both parties significant time and money.

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If you are paying too much, or receiving too little, in child support, I have the expertise to make sure you are receiving or paying the proper amount that your child is entitled to under Ohio law. Just because a change in earnings has occurred does not mean the child support obligation changes as well. I can file the proper documents to make sure your Child Support situation is fair and just.

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