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Divorce is no one's first choice, but sometimes it is the best option for you and your family. I have years of experience guiding people through divorce litigation, and the knowledge and expertise to make sure your rights are protected.

Distanced Couple


When parents are unmarried, jurisdiction over parenting

decisions and parenting time rests with the Juvenile Court in your county. In Lake County, I serve as a Guardian ad Litem, which is a court appointed representative for the best interest of the child. I use this knowledge to represent my own clients when parental rights and responsibilities

are being contested. 



Dissolution ends a marriage the same basic way a divorce does, but in a much more collaborative manner.  In many cases this is the best option, and can save both parties significant time and money. Allow me to use my intricate

knowledge of the requirements of Ohio law, and specifically,

the Lake County Domestic Relations Court, to help craft

a Separation Agreement perfectly tailored to your individual


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Pre/Post Nups

Drafting a legally binding prenup (formally known as a prenuptial agreement, or ante nuptial agreement), can save tons of time, money, and dress down the road. I draft and review these documents for clients and explain the requirements to make sure they are enforced.

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